Includes built-in “Auto Flush”, steam head, and TechPad Controller. Limited lifetime steam unit warranty.

Disegno 01 Package

Steamhead Finishes

TechPad Controller

DISEGNO™ Steam TechPad Controller enables easy to use controls for the shower, steam production, audio system, fan, lighting etc. with a simple touch. With Bluetooth streaming built in (speaker not included) you can listen to your favourite music from your smartphone while you shower, and your device stays dry in another room!

Product Comparison Table

Includes 3/4″ round steam head nozzle

DN-175175625 Single Phase
Polished Nickel4510
Brushed Nickel4510
Matte Black/Matte White4510
Brushed Gold4685
DN-2502507.531.25 Single Phase
Polished Nickel4860
Brushed Nickel4860
Matte Black/Matte White4860
Brushed Gold5035
DN-375375937.25 Single Phase
Polished Nickel5025
Brushed Nickel5025
Matte Black/Matte White5025
Brushed Gold5200
DN-475 includes 2 steam heads47510.543.75 Single Phase
Polished Nickel5325
Brushed Nickel5325
Matte Black/Matte White5325
Brushed Gold5625
DN-575 includes 2 steam heads5751250 Single Phase
Polished Nickel5800
Brushed Nickel5800
Matte Black/Matte White5800
Brushed Gold6150
DN-625 includes 2 steam heads62513.556.25 Single Phase
Polished Nickel6750
Brushed Nickel6750
Matte Black/Matte White6750
Brushed Gold7100
DN-900 includes 2 steam heads9001562.5 Single Phase
Polished Nickel8250
Brushed Nickel8250
Matte Black/Matte White8250
Brushed Gold8600

Guideline for Installation

Guideline for Sizing Steam Unit

Determine the width, height, and length (in feet) of the steam shower. Calculate the basic volume in cubic feet by multiplying the three measurements together.

L x W x H = CUBIC FEET x % (wall finish)

Add the cubic footage applicable wall finish.
Depending on the material used in the shower, you may require to upsize the steam unit.

Glass Block Wall15% per wall
Glass Wall15% per wall
Outside Wall25%
Ceramic or Porcelain Tile35%
Natural Stone100%

If you require assistance in determining the unit size, please feel free contact customer service at Aquadesign (1-877-851-4915) or contact us at info@aquadesign.ca.

Steam Unit Accessories



  • 100W Marine Speaker
  • 6″ diameter
  • Available in white and matte black
  • White: $169.00
  • Matte Black: $169.00

Steam Head


  • Available in Chrome, Polished/Brushed Nickel, Matte Black or Matte White
  • 2″ x 2″
  • Chrome: $200.00
  • Polished Nickel: $250.00
  • Brushed Nickel: $250.00
  • Matte Black/Matte White: $250.00
  • Brushed Gold: $425.00

Mood Light


  • 4 colour cycling
  • Green; Yellow; Blue; Red
  • Chrome trim
  • 2.5″ diameter
  • Chrome Trim: $429.00

Drip Pan


Will work with the following Steam Units:

  • DN-175
  • DN-250
  • DN-375


Drip Pan


Will work with the following Steam Units:

  • DN-475
  • DN-575
  • DN-625
  • DN-900